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Hello I'm Pete


The culture of success must come from the top down, and we must understand the benefits of effective training and its importance to the success of our employees.  Every employee wants be part of the process, they want to take ownership of their contributions, and they take pride in the opportunity to learn new skills, and grow with the company.  Warehouse Training Academy was created to help companies and organizations create a culture of success by providing professional, flexible, customized and customer focused business and soft skills training programs.


How we can help


Warehouse Training Academy programs can:

Increase efficiency.

Improve safety.

Save you time, money and resources.

Reduce onboarding costs.

Help you retain the right talent.

Reduce the disruption in workflow, the disruption in relationships and the diminished morale caused by employee turnover.


Why now? Why this?

In 2009 I became one of the statistics of the great recession and found that in the new economy I was virtually unemployable. I was forced to reinvent myself and, in the process, I met hundreds of people just like me. I was blessed with the opportunity to provide training for many of these people through community organizations, colleges and charities, and it was there I discovered many lacked the basic business and soft skills needed to be successful. It was at that point I vowed to not ever let this happen to another person and my company the Warehouse Training Academy was born. 

About me


I now have over 30 years of experience in all facets of Supply Chain Logistics and Business Operations, I am an Adjunct Business Instructor, Instructional Designer and a recognized SME for several colleges and organizations, and an entrepreneur. 

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